Melba Marez

MELBA is the band leader and the main vocalist of the group.  Her stage presence, energy and excitement can be contagious!  Don't blink or look away, you might miss some crazy dance move or you might even find her behind you, as she likes to engage her audience from time to time!  Melba has a captivating singing voice that ranges with song variety and her outgoing personality on and off stage might leave you with a sense of fascination.
Born in Mathis, TX, but raised in San Antonio, MELBA started singing in church and was classically trained on piano at the age of 8.  Throughout her academic years, she joined her high school marching band and later the jazz band where she played percussion.  MELBA was also in choir where she got the opportunity to perform all over San Antonio with the Varsity Singers.  Years after college, MELBA began playing with a local group in San Antonio where she met BILL and ALFRED.  In 1987 she ventured out with the two to form the band known today as “Melba Marez & B-MAX”.

Bill Reed

BILL is one of the original band members and B-MAX would just not be B-MAX without him!  Not only is he a talented keyboard player, BILL also brings a wide range of songs to the stage.  His technical and vocal talents shine in his performances!  He can create his own sequenced tracks for live performance and for commercial projects.  BILL plays all styles of music ranging from Pop, Rock, Country, Tejano, Reggae, and Funk, but his current favorite style of music is Smooth Jazz.

Born in San Antonio, BILL starting playing trumpet in the 5th grade, moved on to baritone, valve trombone and drums in high school.  While attending UTSA, BILL's interests turned to keyboards and computer music programming.  He has played continuously in various bands since his junior year of high school.

Al Hawkins

AL (ALFRED) is another B-MAX alumni from back in the day.  Known to the other band members as the "Quiet Man" on stage, he is anything but, offstage.  AL provides backup keyboards and percussion as well as technical and sound expertise to B-MAX shows.

AL started out in the 70’s playing drums in middle school and bass guitar after high school.  He has been part of many bands throughout the 70’s and 80’s in San Antonio.  He met BILL & MELBA in 1987 and formed the band "B-MAX" and the rest is history!